Poems by Gwynne Garfinkle:

Uncanny Magazine (Issue 18, September-October 2017) ("The Golem of the Gravestones")

Strange Horizons (14 Aug 2017) ("ode to Dwight Frye") (Audio version here.)

The Cascadia Subduction Zone (Vol. 7 No. 2, 2017) ("50 Foot")

Mithila Review (issue 8) ("family (a form somehow must)")

Kaleidotrope (Winter 2017) ("The Last Word")

Postscripts to Darkness (November 6 2016) ("People Change: A Love Story" and "Linda Blair Pantoum"); plus an interview.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone (Vol. 6, No. 4, October 2016) ("Una O'Connor unleashes her scream")

Mythic Delirium (3.2, Oct.-Dec. 2016) ("Champagne Ivy")

Through the Gate (June 28 2016) ("song for Mary Henry")

The Cascadia Subduction Zone (Vol. 6, No. 2, April 2016) ("Poetess Strikes Again")

Angels of the Meanwhile ("Allison Gross Speaks of the Worm")

inkscrawl (issue 9) ("Dorothy's Prayer")

Strange Horizons (13 April 2015) ("Misogyny"). (Audio version here.)

Interfictions (Issue 4, November 2014) ("Witches of Childhood")

Mythic Delirium (1.1, July-Sept. 2014) ("It's a Universal Picture")

Apex Magazine (Issue 60, May 2014) ("she's alive, alive")

The Cascadia Subduction Zone (Vol. 3 No. 4, October 2013) ("a tipping point")

Flying Higher: An Anthology of Superhero Poetry ("take off your horn-rims and fly")

Interfictions (Issue 1, May 2013) ("Ginnie and the Cooking Contest")

Strange Horizons (26 March 2012) ("bell, book, candle")

Strange Horizons (14 November 2011) ("Ralph Touchett Awaits Revision")

The Wiscon Chronicles, volume 4 ("Famous Monsters of Filmland")

The SFPA's 2009 Halloween Poetry Reading (audio reading of "Ariadne's Thank You Note")

Space and Time Magazine (Issue #107, Summer 2009)
("Ariadne's Thank You Note")

My Poem Rocks (January 19, 2009)
("The Thrill of It All")

The SFPA's 2008 Halloween Poetry Reading (audio reading of "Famous Monsters of Filmland")

Plath Profiles (volume one)
("To the Critics")

Goblin Fruit (Summer 2008)
("Scarlet Ode")

Big Bridge 3#2
("falls away")

Big Bridge 3#1

Big Bridge 2#3
("But that is not a small wound," "apt apartment," and "A spate of lewdness")

Big Bridge 1#4
("thaw" and "The Museum of At")

Exquisite Corpse
("How are you my friend?" and "an American ending")

How2 1#8 2002
("After Sappho")

The Muse Apprentice Guild, Spring 2003
("Harold and Maude," "after Prévert," "after Goethe," "On-the-Road Adam Acrostic #1," "song of songs," "front door buzzer," "Sunset Bypass Road Appropriately," "as it is a fist of the door," "Anne's Song," "after Eva Hesse")

The Muse Apprentice Guild, Spring 2003, for a "mature audience"
("The Golden Age")

("a brief history of impermanence" and "is his butter dead?")

Poetry Super Highway
("To Sir with Trouble," "Sailor Moon," "cannibal phone call," "Sonnet,"
"a summer explosion," "2/25/97," and "love's jetlag")

Poetry Super Highway
("Dybbuk Song")